11054262_10153484615704873_2196128739471611408_o The Think eARTh project with Community Steeping stones was a wonderful opportunity to work with children at Metropolitan Ministries. I was able to visit these student over a six week period and dig deep into embroidery. I was supported by fellow teacher Yarrow Ries and a good group of interns and volunteers. Students learned about invasive species and the health of our local estuaries as they stitched.

The pieces of cloth the children stitched were then assembled by adults over a period of two work days. After assembling their work, we had 9 large panels of translucent layered cloth measuring 40 inches wide by 6 to 9 feet long.

a nice article about the project: http://www.tbo.com/south-tampa/children-remark-on-their-global-inheritance-20150708/